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Reports and Letters of Application

Among the various kinds of written documents, Reports and Letters of Aplication constitute two useful and commonexamples. The first one mostly helps to make suggestions on certain matter, while the second one is useful if you want to apply for a course or a job.Therefore both must be well known, in order to give them proper writing and structure.


These are usually aimed to an authority, or someone reallycapable of helping us with the subject of the letter.

Reports begin with the next information written on the top-left corner:


From here we can identify three basic parts of the document:

An introduction, giving the reason for writing and the purpose oh the lletter.
Themain body, where we must explain clearly the problem and make recommendations, both written with short sentences easy to understand.
Our conclusion wherewe can sum up our points in the main body and give a personal opinion.

Letters of Application.

In case of job or course offers, we must write aletter in order to apply for them, of course it must be written in formal o semi-formal style, depends on the case.

The information required on the lettermay vary too, but ih consists in:

Reason for writing, the name of the job or course and where you saw it advertised.
The main body may include: currentwork, experiences, academic qualifications.
The final paragraph contains a summary of the points, gratefulness, mention possible further communication.
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