Resumen de la pelicula philadelphia

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Human Resource Management

Movie Assignment


I. Introduction
Andrew Beckett is a skillful lawyer in the law firm Wyant & Wheeler. One day one of the senior partners,hands him a case involving one of the firm's most important clients. However the appearance of some bruises on his face was noticed by Mr. Kenton, who knows that this kind of bruises is associates withan outbreak of AIDS. Andrew prepares the case, but is unable to be at work on the day it is due. The case mysteriously disappears, but reappears just before the deadline expires. As a purported resultof this, Andrew is fired for incompetence. He is convinced that this has been set up to get rid of him as a result of his firm realizing he has AIDS. Andrew consults many lawyers with regards to suethe law firm but no one wants to take his case on. After this Andrew comes to Joe Miller, who represent the ordinary population in the streets is in regards to their opinions and attitudes. Heinitially rejects the case because he doesn't like homosexual, but later on he accepts the case when he sees Andrew being discriminated against in the library. Then the trial begins and both parties try toconvince the jury of their version of 'truth'. During the course of the trial Andrew's health is deteriorating continually and shortly before he dies the jury decides in his favor.

II. Questionsand answers

1. Why do equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws exist? What can employers do to prevent for new laws?
To protect most U.S. employees from employment discrimination based upon thatemployee's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

2. If you were one of the owners in the law firm, how would you handle the situation (knowing Andy with AIDS)? Would the fear of AIDSaffect how seal the situation?
First I will have a conversation with Andrew and ask him to be sincere about his life. The true is always the best starting and I think that this will bring more...
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