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Hi, I am going to talk about the film my sister’s keeper. Is a story that talks about love, different kinds of love.
Anna Fitzgerald tells her history about all the eventsthat have happened in her life with her old sister, Kate Fitzgerald. She starts by telling her parents that she doesn’t want to keep giving her body’s organs to Kate. Shesues them, by getting a lawyer whose represents her in court. She has one more brother, but almost no one pays attention to him; because of the cancer of Kate. Kate wasdiagnosed of leukemia at three years. Kate has been the center of all the attentions in family.
Their mother does everything she can for Kate; she thinks even death can’t go throughher. She fights against her daughter. Sara was the mother’s name. Sara says that she has to handle with the family wellness and Anna has to think about her sister’s health.That is the most important thing she has. But Anna never gave up. It seems weird in the whole movie, until her brother in the middle of the court tells the truth to everyone.The judge wants to meet Kate for her final decision. Kate wanted to be free. Fight against cancer is tired, is devastated. So, she decides to die and tells her sister thatis the only one who ever could help her. And Kate plans everything. At the end, after some happy moments, Kate dies and the family gets the happiness they wanted.

The mainpersonage is Anna. She is the one who tells the story and always saves Kate and she is who set her free.

I liked it because is something that can happen in real life andis a good romantic movie. Everyone can note the support between siblings. The brother, even when no one paid attention to him, he always was there for his sisters.

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