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....The Douglas family were to travel around the world because they wanted to know more about the world on the boat who bought called lucette, began their journey in the port of Cornwall visitingalong the way western India where he fell in love anne of a young Canadian boy with whom he decided to stay in the Bahamas in 1972,
June 13 went to the Galapagos Islands to begin a new journey whichsetaba intended to go to the Marquesas that were approximately 5000 km, while on travel while they slept heard a loud knock on the hull of the boat and saw that the boat was sinking and they thought theywere attacked by killer whales, could not take anything before going to the lifeboat as the ship sank very quickly, it met all stunned because they were not far away from the Galapagos islandswithout any kind of map They were exposed sinking navigation for three weeks with the few provisions they had in the survival kit, with hunted animals survived until they were rescued by a Japanese fishingboat from Panama and Hawaiithey were in a place not rained for 6 months without water they could die
why they wanted to find a boat or rain water, neither could sleep comfortably in the lifeboat, dayafter day had to fish to eat, they expected to find a ship and be rescued after having launched a flare into the air but the boat did not see it and knew it was to survive and hunted afternoon caughta turtle meat and eggs to eat

the second week the weather was sunny after throwing the remains of large sharks turtle came then to chase,
after two weeks all had bad side because of the time andwere in poor condition, had to repair holes in the boat every day passed tiempor and believed that would not survive and if ablaban ablaban food and drink, and when they caught another Turtle drankhis blood, the July 4th birthday lyn was another turtle they caught and ate the meat and sang songs after the storm they believed they were close to death but during this time had learned many things...
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