Retencion De Empleados

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Employee Retention Tips

Employee retention strategies act like balm on the company's high attrition rate wound. Employers ought to work on their employee retention schemes toensure that their employees stay for the maximum period in the company.

The HR professionals of a company carry out the entire recruitment cycle with the aim of hiring the right people for the rightjob. Every company spends subsequent amount of time, energy and money to hire the most suitable people. All this time, energy and money goes for a toss when employees leave the company for betteropportunities else where. Employee attrition rate is increasing every day and is a matter of concern to the employers. When one employee leaves, the same lengthy recruitment cycle has to be undertaken tofill the same position. In marketing, it is said, 'the cost of acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining current ones.' This concept can be applied to employees as well. Thecost of acquiring new employees is certainly more than retaining the current ones. To reduce the attrition rate, employers ought to undertake the employee retention method.

What is Employee Retention?Employee retention is nothing but a simple process involving different measures, undertaken to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. Employee managementis beneficial to both the employer as well as the employee. HR professionals across the globe are resorting to various employee retention strategies in order to reduce the rate of attrition. Neglectingemployee retention can result in a weak talent pool, which will ultimately affect the organization's future.

Employee Retention Tips
Prudent employers should not only know how to lure newemployees, but must also know how to attract and retain their current ones. Undertaking a few tips can help the employers in measuring employee retention effectiveness in the organization. They are as...
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