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The release of the highly anticipated movie adaptation of The Hunger Games is upon us. And if you still haven't read Suzanne Collins's trilogy about Katniss Everdeen and heradventures in Panem, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. For that matter, what's Panem? What the heck is a tracker jacker? And who is President Snow? Well, we'vegot you covered with PEOPLE's glossary of terms from The Hunger Games. Read on and the odds will definitely be in your favor when you sit down to watch the film, which comes outMarch 23.

• ARENA: A vast outdoor arena rigged with Panem's high-tech TV cameras as well as traps and challenges to test the tributes fighting each other to the death inthe Hunger Games. An arena may contain anything from "a burning desert to a frozen wasteland." After the Hunger Games, the arenas become popular tourist destinations for Capitolcitizens.

• BLOODBATH: The initial fighting at the onset of the Hunger Games, as tributes race to a cornucopia, which contains crucial supplies such as food, weapons andmedicine. Typically, there are a lot of deaths during the bloodbath.

• THE CAPITOL: A glamorous and protected city, where the ruling classes of Panem live. The Capitol'scitizens are interested in outlandish fashion, fabulous food and, of course, the Hunger Games.

• CAREER: A volunteer tribute who has trained for his or her entire life toparticipate in the Hunger Games. Typically, these tributes (known as Careers) come from Districts 1, 2 and 4, which are more closely aligned with the Capitol.

• CORNUCOPIA: Alocation inside every Hunger Games arena that may initially contain essential supplies such as food and water, medicine and weapons. It's the location of the bloodbath and feasts.
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