Role plays

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Do your students speak fluently? Do they apply the vocabulary you teach them and the structures they are learning? Most of English Teachers have experienced this inconvenient for many years…
Talk toyour partners about your own experience.

▪ Causes of the Problem

o Lack of an English environment outside the classroom in which they can practice their English.
o Previousspeaking classes focused on listening rather than speaking.
o Teachers do not provide activities to encourage the use of oral English in class.
o Speaking classes lack the fun ofteaching speaking skill.
o Yours…

▪ Why do we need to solve this problem?

o Speaking is often the skill upon which a person is judged ‘at face value’.
o People mayoften form judgments about our language competence from our speaking rather than any of the other language skills.
o Recent teaching strategies: attention to focus on tasks that involve and makelearners negotiate, share and discuss information in contexts similar to real-life situations.

▪ How are ROLE-PLAYS going to help us?

o Role-plays require more imagination. They areunpredictable. They start at the initial scenario and can literally go in any direction.
o Non-threatening environment, and gives motivation and involvement where they have to think in English.
oRole-plays are interesting, memorable and engaging, and participants retain the material they have learned.

▪ VIT:

o Actions, opinions and movements.
o It helps us toimmerse ourselves in the role.

▪ How to teach using Role-Plays?

1. Define Objectives
2. Choose Context & Roles
3. Introducing the Exercise
4. StudentPreparation/Research
5. The Role-Play
6. Concluding Discussion
7. Assessment

▪ More about Role-Plays: Six Thinking Hats

1. White Hat: facts & figures
▪ what information do we...
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