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Rotavirus Disease and Vaccines On-line Resources
Worldwide,almost every child will have at least one rotavirus infection before he or she is five years old. The virus is so contagious and resilient that providing clean water and promoting proper hygiene do notsignificantly reduce incidence, which is nearly the same in industrialized and developing countries. Additionally, because rotavirus usually causes profuse vomiting, ORS/ORT is difficult to administer.Rotaviruses are a genus of viruses belonging to the Reoviridae family. Seven major groups have been identified, three of which (groups A, B, and C) infect humans, with group A being the most commonand widespread one.
Rotavirus disease
|[pic] |Rotavirus (pronounced "row-tuh-virus") is the most common |
||cause of severe gastroenteritis in children worldwide. |
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| |Rotavirus is responsible for the deaths of an estimated |
||600,000 children each year, 80 percent of whom live in |
| |developingcountries. |
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||Rotavirus is found in all countries. Most children have had |
| |one or more...
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