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This is the title

Full Name,*a Full Namea,b and Full Nameb

Received (in XXX, XXX) Xth XXXXXXXXX 200X, Accepted Xth XXXXXXXXX 200X
First published on the web Xth XXXXXXXXX 200X

The abstract should be a single paragraph which summarises the content of the article.

A Headings are the primary heading type

The main text of the article should appear here. Headingsand subheadings should be formatted using the relevant button from the “Apply Style” dialog box (see the RSC Tools toolbar above).
A tab stop has been set in the style to allow for easy indentingof text (although the first paragraph and paragraphs that follow headings should not be indented).

B Headings should always be subordinate to A headings

1 You can also put lists into the text.
2For this you should use the separately defined list style.
3 You can have bulleted or numbered lists of almost any kind.
4 However, you must remember to use a tab character to separate the symbolfrom the text.

Inserting Graphics

Use the buttons on the graphics dialog (accessed from the main toolbar by pressing the “Insert Graphics” button) to insert the required template text. It isrecommended that graphics are inserted once the text is completed, as the text after graphic insertion will cause the graphics to move unpredicatably. Graphics should be inserted at the top of the pagewhere they are first mentioned (unless they are equations, which appear in the flow of the text). Place the cursor at the beginning of the first line in either of the columns and press the requiredbutton.


The conclusions section should come at the end of article.

Notes and references

a Address, Address, Town, Country. Fax: XX XXXX XXXX; Tel: XX XXXX XXXX; E-mail:xxxx@aaa.bbb.ccc
b Address, Address, Town, Country. Fax: XX XXXX XXXX; Tel: XX XXXX XXXX; E-mail: xxxx@aaa.bbb.ccc
† Electronic Supplementary Information (ESI) available: [details of any supplementary...
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