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What is psychology? Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders—which include various affective ,behavioural, cognitive and perceptual disorders. The term psychiatry (Greek ), coined by Johann Christian Reil in 1808, comes from the Greek (psukhē: soul or mind) and (iatros: healer). It refers to a field ofmedicine focused specifically on the mind, aiming to study, prevent, and treat mental disorders in humans

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Criminal psychology is the study of the wills, thoughts, intentions and reactionsof criminals. It is related to the field of criminal anthropology. The study goes deeply into what makes someone commit crime, but also the reactions after the crime, on the run or in court.

criminal psychology The application of psychological principles to criminal activity. Involves: Criminal behavior Risk assessment Crime prevention The criminal justice system

Slide 5:Criminal behavior Conditions resulting in criminal behavior include: Antisocial personality disorder Sociopath Psychopath Conduct Disorder Borderline personality disorder

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Antisocial PersonalityDisorder Manipulates, exploits, or violates the rights of others. Behavior is often criminal Chronic behavior that begins in childhood Fire-setting and cruelty to animals during childhood are oftenpresent Anti-social Personality Disorder Symptoms: Breaks the law repeatedly Lies, steals, and fights often Disregards the safety of self and others Demonstrates a lack of guilt Had a childhooddiagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder

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Sociopath Person having antisocial personality disorder Physical aggression Disregard for others Inability to keep a job or formrelationships Violates the rights of others Lack of regret for inappropriate actions Psychopath: No concerns for the feelings of others Egocentric, no sense of responsibility or consequence. Emotions...
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