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Movie: Shrek
Plot: Is an American animated movie with fairy tale characters; the main character is an ogre called Shrek,he lives in a swamp and has a very bad attitude. The King steals the swamp.The ogre tries to recover the swamp in a exchange for the rescue of a princess in thedragon´s tower. He accepts this challenge and goes to rescue the princess.
Characters: Shrek: Is the main character of the movie. Is a lonely ogre with bad attitude?Donkey: Is the secondly character. This animal is the friend of the ogre, and helps him to rescue the princess.
The King: Is the antagonist. He is a very badperson and very small. The King wants to marry with the princess Fiona.

Personal opinion: It’s a family movie, with action, romantic and comedy scenes, so themovie it`s really fun, also i think that Shrek it’s a good movie because of this points:
Shrek has a good camera work; this is an American plane, for example.And this is other plane foreground

As second point, Shrek it’s an animated movie, so has a lot of visual effects, we can view some of this in the followingpictures

These pictures are from the final scape of the dragon tower.

Soundtrack is one of the best in the area of the movies, also the critics nominate as thebest sountrack on the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTA).

Grade: five stars because Shrek is a very good movie for looking with yourfamily, it`s very fun and have good reviews around the world. For example it’s won an Oscar of the best animated movie.
Now you will watch the trailer of the movie
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