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Salcoatitán is a municipality in the Sonsonate department of El Salvador. It is located at a kilometer to the Southwest of Juayua, at 12 Kilometers to the north of Sonsonate, and at 1045 meters overthe sea level. It possesses a small and beautiful colonial church that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, made of calicanto, tile, and roof, with heavy support of bricks and stone, builtby the presbyters Santiago Quijada, Esteban España, Cosme Alonso, and Juan Hidalgo. It is dedicated San Miguel Archangel, whose festivity takes place in November.

Continuing on your path up theRuta de las Flores, you’ll find Salcoatitán, a village founded by the Pipils in the pre-Columbian era when they emigrated from their coastal lands. This quiet village later became home to the country’sfirst coffee plantations in the 1860s.  In fact, the village’s primary economic income is still based on the regional coffee harvest.

Salcoatitán, whose name means “God of Wind and Star of theDawn” in the Mayan language Nahuatl, is a picturesque little town where you can enjoy a great lunch outdoors while delighting in the mountain breezes and beautiful views.  Many people enjoy walking thenarrow streets to see the town’s colorfully painted homes.  Don’t forget to check out the up-and-coming art galleries that feature regional artists.  Here you can find plenty of souvenirs and localartwork to decorate your home, including baskets and other crafts made from woven reeds, embroidered dresses sewn from naturally dyed fabrics, eco-art and original paintings and sculptures.


Colonial Church
This beautiful, white church dates back to 1824.  The walls were built rock by rock by masons and the roof is covered with clay shingles.  This church wasdedicated to Archangel San Miguel and there is a replica on the side that you can visit

Food Festival
The central park is filled with local cuisine to sample on the weekends.
Patron Saint Festival...
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