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Santiago 2010 Strategic Plan
Santiago, Chile
The main purpose of the activity was to establish a set of indicators upon which the achievement of Santiago’s urbandevelopment targets, as set out in the Santiago 2010 plan, could be assessed. In the Santiago plan, development targets were set along a ten year time-frame, with the year 2000 as the baseline. Theidentification of indicators, and the establishment of a monitoring system for them was intended to address the lack of appropriate instruments and methodology for assessing the impact of urban developmentpolicy on urban conditions and trends in the municipality of Santiago.

The Municipality of Santiago, upon learning of the Global Urban Observatory (GUO) network being established by UN-Habitat, wereeager to participate because they viewed GUO as an opportunity to measure certain aspects of competitiveness of their city against the rest of the world. They were also interested in using GUO as acapacity building exercise to provide the methodological underpinnings for development of their own set of locally specific indicators tied directly to issues and strategies identified in the Santiagoplanning process.
Prior to the development Santiago 2010 plan, there were no tools in place to enable appropriate monitoring and evaluation of the development targets set out on previous developmentplans. In this regard, the Santiago 2010 Plan has filled a gap. In summary, the outputs and impacts of both the Santiago 2010 planning process and the GUO indicators work include;
Successfulengagement of the community in a planning process that has included urban issues identification and action planning.
A set of 73 locally relevant indicators tailored specifically for monitoring thestrategic priorities and actions identified in the Santiago 2010 plan;
Methodological guidelines for the collection of data on the 73 indicators;
Strengthened capacity at both the national and local level...
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