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Eliab Vega Ruiz
Michelle McKee
Angels and Demons
In the movie that we have seen the last week, which is angels and demons of Dan Brown, it gives me many things to think about. Oneof them is why Brown uses again the same character on the movie? Or why did he put that title?
There could be many answers to my questions but I think I have the reason why he do it, and are thenext.
First of all I think he put the character of Robert Langdon, several times on his movies maybe because he is like the principal person of all his works, he is the initiator of all, and in everywork he has like a cause to resolve, like in the last movie he produce with the same character, the Da Vinci code. This movie was a success for Brown, because with this production he became famousand tries to give us another production in which he gives his way of think about the religion. One example is when a character of the movie gives his opinion about the religion and why the science is abetter way to think about than the religion. This could be an example of what I had thought.
In the second question I said, it could maybe because it is only a name to call the attention of thereaders, but I have my opinion about the title, and is because maybe it tries to give us an introduction of what is going to be theme about, like introducing that the movie is going to be related toreligion, in other word, it tries to say us that the movie main purpose is to give us like a lection of religion. That is what I thought about the title of the movie. Of course there could be severalanswers to my question, but this is what I thought about it.
In conclusion I think that Brown needs to give a better way to name his works, because maybe here we thought that the story will be relatedto angles against to demons, like in a war. This is what I think; I think Brown needs change the names of his characters, because it is like very bored that we are going to see always the same...
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