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SAP RF Console is used to translate GUI Screens to Character Based Screens which are commonly used with the handheld Radio Frequency devices used in modern warehouses. The idea behindSAPConsole was to enable SAP Customers to utilize the Standard SAP Radio Frequency transactions that became available with SAP R/3 46B. SAPConsole itself does not contain business logic. Allfunctionality is maintained within R/3 and all development for SAPConsole transactions is performed inside the ABAP workbench. SAPConsole requires a Windows NT server and telnet software that supports VT220emulation. SAPConsole empowers the thousands of workers who use mobile data capture devices in warehouses and distribution centers around the world everyday. SAPConsole can be used with new WMimplementations or upgrades of your system.
 Following is the SAPConsole Architecture:  
The mobile transactions could be used with Tablet PC, Pocket PC, PDA and others. Please see the snapshot below: [pic]
The list of transactions that are available with use with SAP Console are listed here (click here)
How the transactions are shown in the RF devices:
Following is the snapshot of oneof the Mobile transaction:
The above graphic screen is converted to character based screen and shown on the RF device:
Pocket PC  
SAPConsole Benefits

• Hardwareindependent: Supports any device that uses VT220 terminal emulation
• Free of charge for SAP customers
• Version 4.6B and above provide "ready to use" RF transactions
• All development isaccomplished using ABAP in SAP's development environment
• Real time connection to SAP. You get instant response and actual SAPGUI error messages
• Transactions and screens can be tested inGUI environment without requiring RF devices
• Ability to select your own Telnet software and possibly enhance it for your own business needs
• No 3rd party middleware
• Utilizes...
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