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Have you ever been the victim of a crime like a theft, a kidnap or a beating? Do you think you should put up with such behavior? Don’t you deserve to see your children playing peacefully in yourneighbourhood? Aren’t you tired of living with fear? Don’t you feel you can do something about it instead of waiting patiently for the police to do something?
I am Bruno Kochen and I have the solution toyou. The solution to these questions with obvious answers has two words, two words that you will love if you take a smart decision: “goal” and “security”, and it is not by chance that these two wordsare part of the name of my company. So here I am, to offer you my services as the owner of a security company: Goal Security.

In Goal Security we are in charge of protecting your neighborhoodputting at your service security guards, patrol cars and security cams. Guards are available 24 hs a day. Since in this neighborhood there are 78 families our company, Goal Security will provide you with90 guards to keep good order, 220 cameras to control every place round the clock and 25 patrol cars with quick access to every part of the community to support you in moments of pressure.

I have toadmit that the costs are high, but has security got a price? Has your kids’ life got a price?

If you hire my service you will live in your neighborhood with harmony, peace, security. Your kidswill be able to run safely in the streets, go to the square alone, made new friends, grow without fear. I often see old people in the streets at night. They can go everywhere at any hour without beingafraid. Moreover, PEOPLE HAVE THEIR DOORS OPEN. Security can be smelled in the air! And that is real life ladies and gentlemen, real life! Have you seen that here?

But wait! Do not answer. I alreadyknow the answer, if not I wouldn’t be here today! If you are still not sure of what you should do, Goal Security can show you 9 recommendations from the US Government, 7 nominations as the best...
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