Shanghai fashion week

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The lights went of and Lila Downs started singing.
The first designer was Rosario Mendoza from TAKASAMI. A Mexican brand that focuses on the typical Mexican dress and gives thema fashion touch. I have to say, the collection was really amazing. They were a dream come true! Congratulations to TAKASAMI!! (for more information go to )

The second designer was IVAN SOTO. He is only 25 years old and he is already presenting in Shanghai! Although his collection was small, he transmitted a lot of power andcreativity in every piece. Ivan, I really admire you and your job! Let the images speak for themselves.

The third designer and the most experienced one was Sr. SERGIO BUSTAMANTE.He is very famous for his sculptures, which he could manage to transform into jewelry, (you can see his work at ). His catwalk was a trip intomystery and elegance. Silver jewelry and masks were representing his creative mind!

After this beautiful show, we went to a cocktail where we could taste some Tequila and hearMariachi. Tequila is a Mexican alcoholic drink (do I really need to explain that??) and Mariachi is they most representative Mexican Music (FYI, I love it!!! ) If you want to try somegood Tequila, I can recommend you the Herradura Reposado, Don Julio or Jose Cuervo.
As for the Mariachis you can look for “El Mariachi Vargaz de Tecalitlán”, “Mariachi NuevoTecalitlán” or you can even hear this famous Mexican pop singer “Luis Miguel” singing with mariachis. I recomend the songs “Mexico en la piel”, “Venia Bendita”, “Mujeres Divinas”“Cielito Lindo” And “Guadalajara”
So… drink some Tequila, hear the Mariachis singing and take a look at the photo album I just uploaded here at leaving behind, living ahead! SALUD!!
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