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Using these Pages

Probably the best way to start using these pages is to first read the requirements, and then work through the entire analysis, design, and implementation process.

Beginwith the Statement of Requirements and then view the Use Cases. The Use Case document has a Use Case Diagram and a series of flows of events, one for each use case. The analysis phase can be studiedboth in terms of the "big picture" and in terms of the details of the use cases.
Before studying the flows of events in detail, it might be helpful to look at the diagram showing the Analysisclasses to get an overall view of the system implicit in the use cases. The Analysis Class Diagram captures the basic class structure implied by the use case flows of events.
Then it is time tostudy the flows of events in detail.

Having looked at the requirements/analysis documents, you can then study the design phase by viewing the CRC cards, the overall Class Diagram, andthe Statechart and Interaction Diagrams.
There is one CRC card for each class, incorporating all responsibilities of the class arising from all of the use cases, linked to from the icon forthe class in either Class Diagram. The CRC cards were created by "walking through" each use case, assigning the responsibility for each task to some class. Note that there are CRC cards for classesthat do not appear in the Analysis Class Diagram; the need for these classes became apparent as the other cards were being created. (This is typical; Booch suggests that the ratio of classes in acomplete application to analysis classes may be as much as 5:1; in this particular case, it is about 2:1.)
The Class Diagram pulls together all of the structural information from the CRC Cards andshows the needed links between classes. Each class icon is linked to other relevant design documents, including a detailed design for that class.
For the major controller classes, there is...
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