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Bear Creek.
Monday 7:00
I`m asleep in bed, and I`m dreaming. I`m dreaming that I`m on a plane with my best friend, Tony. We`re traveling to a film festival in New York. The best thing is that ourfilm is in the festival. Through the window I could see the tall buildings of Manhattan and, yes, it really did look just like it looks in the movies.
This wasn`t our first visit to a big city- we comefrom one. Tony and I live in Toronto in Canada. Toronto looks a little like New York, especially downtown. But this: was the real New York. Tony and I were there for the Studen Film Festival, and wewere in the competition for Best Stydeb Documentary. Our film was called Living in Bear Creaek.
And the reason you don’t see many people is because of the bears. Tony and I spent six months there. Theonly other people were the men who cut down the trees- the loggers, We lived with them and filmed their lives. Their lives are difficult, and its cold, extremely cold.
We spent a long time filming inBear Creek because we wanted to show what life was really like there. We didn’t wwant to fly in and interview a few men and the fly out again. We arrived at our hotel and suddenly everything wasn’t sogreat. On the contrary, it was terrible.
Tony stopped smiling. Someone broke into the house last night when your father and I wer out, She said.
Monday 9:30
Tony tried to say the right thing, but itwasn’t easy. I felt bad too. Here we were in New York, Kelly was missing, and we didn’t have a film. We couldn’t have felt worse. I turned on my phone, and there were lots of messages you to turnphone on four hours. Last night a detective came here, said Mom. He told us about the robbery at Tony`s house and asked about your film. Then an hour later another policeman came here, and I told himabout the first detective for his ID. He was just pretending to be a policeman. And hes taken your computer with you film on it.
We walkel out onto a New York street. We didn’t know where we were going,...
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