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“Chapter 2”
Business processes Business processes refer to the manner in which work is organized, coordinated, and focused to produce a valuable prod- uct or service. Business processes are thecollection of activities required to pro- duce a product or service. These activities are supported by flows of material, information, and knowledge among the participants in business processes.

* BUSINESS PROCESSES New technology can actually change the flow of information, making it possible for many more people to access and share information,replacing sequential steps with tasks that can be performed simultaneously, and eliminating delays in decision making. New information technology frequently changes the way a business works and supportsentirely new business models.


* SYSTEMS FOR DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT GROUPS: A business firm has systems to support different groups or levels of manage- ment.1.Transaction Processing Systems: A transaction processing system is a computerized system that performs and records the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct business, such as sales orderentry, hotel reservations, payroll, employee record keeping, and shipping.
2. Business Intelligence Systems for Decision Support: Middle management needs systems to help with monitoring, controlling,decision-making, and administrative activities.
-management information systems (MIS): also designates a specific category of information systems serving middle management. MIS provide middlemanagers with reports on the organization’s current performance. This information is used to monitor and control the business and predict future performance.
-decision-support systems (DSS) :support morenon-routine decision making. They focus on problems that are unique and rapidly chang- ing, for which the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be fully prede- fined in advance.
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