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The uniforms: uniforms for employees will be of two types, aquatic and terrestrial, land at the top is green and black at the bottom, for girls are short's and men's pants...

Diving suit forwomen will be red and the blue man.


We think in different things for doing, and we classificated the days, for not to bore to our customers.

In Monday we think the best day for stay is“the adrenaline rush” with your friends, include paquete for two person, and differentes activities, like a scuba diving, rappelling and zip line, that’s it’s a good idea, for the Monday, is a good dayfor start the week.

In Tuesday, we prefer complacent the people who love the beer, and we give beers! All day, two for one, all day.

In Wednesday we have the day for the lovers, and we give thespace for relax, for out of the routine, and take a time for stay with that persona make you happy all days of your live.

We offering one day, in the spa, a romantic travel in canoe and romanticdinner, the beach side.

In Thursday delight you with a little music, music of different genres, music for the soul and the senses.

And you choose for other activites in the park.

In Friday isfor celebraty the women and that day is the day, for the girls, all nigh “ladies night”

In Saturday is for the party all night, and you cantake in the day a tour for the beach, know reefs andmangroves.

In our exclusive wide. (en nuestras lanchas exclusivas)

* Acuatic activities: las actividades acuáticas consisten en un día con lanchas, para salir a pasear en el mar, estas lanchaspueden ser manejadas por los huepedes o por persona expertas en la navegación, consiste en un tour por el mar para visitar a los arrecifes y manglares que están en la parte del mar.

The activitiesacuatics is for one day in boat for get out in the sea, this boats can be operate for the customers or persons experts in the navigation, to consist in a tour for the sea for visit the reef and...
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