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To the programmer and producer Kipper was lucky to produce Sting, thanks to Tom Flint that caught kipper in his home studio.
Not all peopleknow sting, he became famous with The Police in the 70’s and 80’s, to his success as a solo artista, Sting is a legend , but Kipper has a co- production credit on sting’s latest álbum Brand New Day asome co-songwriting credits.
He broke into the big scene when he was in other roles in the industry, he made covers with his father, where in a band named One Nation Nation without big success, thewas a supporting gutarist for Rod Stewart. In the years to come he composed and produced music for TV and radio, and scores for films like Titanic, ads for Mc Doonalds, it was the first time the musicbecame for him a real job, mostly in the financial way, and then he worked with Trevor Jones Film Music Composer, for 20 years.


The work of Kipper film music eventually led tohis meeting with Sting, the Trevor Jones underscore team were commisioned to produce a soundtrack for the film the Mighty, and Sting was asked to contribute a pop song for the soundtrack, later acomment that made skipper to Sting about using an armonic caught his attention, so Sting wanted Skipper to make a single versión at his Lake House Studio, cause he was stucked with ideas, he let Skipperdo waht he wanted so he gave him a co-production credit. After impress him with the work, Sting asked him to work with him in his Next Album Project, in Tuscany. Sting invested in his own mobilestudio with a comprising an SSL 4000 series console and two Sony PCM3348HR 48-track digital recorders. The recordings began with Sting and Kipper jamming ideas in demo form, onto the sony 48-trackmachines. These jamming sessions proved the experimental recording process that continued the entire Project. They began programming sequences and loops within Emagic’s logic Audio Sequencer. He said with...
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