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This are the fixed price, flexible offer, segmentation, value creation, price structure of Iusacell, Toyota and Sky. Lets start with them:


Iusacell is a Mexican enterprisededicated to provide cellular services reaching about 90% of Mexico's population. It has more than 3.5 million subscribers (67% are prepaid). The company also offers local and long-distance telephony,messaging services, mobile television and wireless broadband services (BAM) over the only 4G nation-wide network in Mexico.

Segmentation: Iusacell has found several ways to differentiate from othercompanies in technology and bundle packages but has also found another opportunity, client service. Iusacell offers an outstanding client service that separates the company from his main competitor¨Telcel¨, by attacking this opportunity iusacell has been keeping unsatisfied clients and market share from his main competitor.

Economic Value: Iusacell offers true differentiation value to theircustomers, over and above what your competitors offer, they have technology and infrastructure that allows them to differentiate from other companies offering high end technology like 4G and high speedinternet. Iusacell was the first company to offer free calls between Iusacell members.


Segmentation: The value based segmentation of the Tacoma is focused mainly in the value driver ofsafety something Toyota is widely recognize for, this is a truck for someone that looks for safety on the road and its most likely to use the truck for work, this doesn’t mean Toyota forgets about theother value drivers, as you can see in the comparison shown before Toyota also excels in those areas.

Offering Design: The Tacoma is currently available in blue, grey, white, red, green and black,and whit both leather and standard sits plus vinyl flooring.
You can get a Tacoma in both single or double cabin and it comes whit standard 115v/400w power outlets like the ones at home for you to...
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