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Dear Mr. Underwood: Our representative, Ms. Overmeyer, wrote us recently that you have written a self-improvement course of supervisory personnel and that you are interested in having us publishing it. We are always interested in reviewing new prospects in the area in which we publish. If you would care to send me a copy of your self-improvement course, I will transmit it to the supervisor ofour editorial department, Mrs. West. She will study it and decide whether we can publish it with profit to you as the author and to us as publishers. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to consider your self-improvement course for supervisory personnel. Sincerely yours.
To the Staff: On Friday, June 15, the management board of the National Electric Company adopted a new moving policy. Whencircumstances make it desirable in the best interests of company efficiency to transfer a supervisor from one city to another, we will pay all costs involved in packing, insuring, and transporting the supervisor´s family and furniture and household effects. As I am sure we will all agree, no employee should suffer financial hardship as a result of a transfer that is made in the best interests of ourorganization. A. H. Overman
Dear Mrs. Washington: Intercontinental Airlines has just introduced a brand-new entertainment package on our LC 14 flights. In the first- class section we have added a lounge and a buffet. In the coach section we have added new electronic games for your enjoyment. On our LC 14 you will like the convenience and efficiency of overhead storage and our free stereoentertainment. We would like you to have a good look at all the services and features that we now offer on the LC 14. We have, therefore, prepared the enclosed eight-page brochure that we know you will find interesting. Please read it. Better still; fly on our LC 14 the next time you have occasion to go to one of the cities that we serve. Cordially yours,

Dear Mr. Overmeyer: We appreciate yourtelling us of thee report you are making on the advantages of electric typewriters over manual machines. As you know, since 1940 we have been manufacturing the Interboro electric typewriter, the leading electric machine on the market. Under the circumstances, we are interested in everything pertaining to the field of electric typewriting. You will find enclosed a booklet that describes theexperiences of superior teachers who have used our electric typewriters for teaching beginning typing and transcription. We hope, Mr. Overmeyer, that this booklet will provide you with all you need for your report. Sincerely yours,
Dear Mr. Baker: Have you ever been passed up for a supervisory job even though you were better qualified for it than the person who actually received it? Many people have hadthis frustrating experience and often the reason for being passed up was an inability to get across their ideas to their superiors. This is where the Harris Self-Development Course can help. It teaches you know to organize ideas and present them with self-confidence and self-assurance to your superiors or to groups of people. What is more, it makes you a more interesting, more entertainingperson. If you will return the enclosed card, we will send you an introductory lesson without charge. Return the card now. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Yours very truly.

Estimado Sr. Underwood: Nuestro representante, la Sra. Overmeyer, nos escribió recientemente que usted ha escrito un curso de superación del personal de supervisión y que ustedestá interesado en que nos publicarla. Siempre estamos interesados ​​en la revisión de nuevas perspectivas en el área en la que publicamos. Si a usted le importa que me envíe una copia de su curso de superación personal, voy a transmitir al supervisor de nuestra redacción, la señora West. Ella va a estudiarla y decidir si podemos publicarlo

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