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Andres Garrido Assad
Strength and honor
1. - The Reverend and sergeant, no
2. - It was snowing on the main street
3.-before sergeant starts speaking he tells him to go to a shelterhouse two blocks away, he is being racist.
4.-because he thought the reverend obviously didn’t want to hear about it.
5.-he tries to roll down the door.
6.-he grabbed one of the stone pillars.
7. - thechurch fall down
8. - how he talks.
9. - he grabbed a train, Christ went to Kansas City.
10. - he got surprised because that car was full of cops, he was in jail and he was dreaming
11.-he calls himcrazy
12. - from line 72 to line 129

1. - he is aware that he tumbles down the church but he is not aware he was talking to Christ.

My opinion about that topic is that yes you can still see someracism on the united stated even today, I lived in the United States about 2 years and I saw a lot of racism I was in a military academy and it was very often the fights between color persons andwhite people, even you still see organizations like the ku kux klan that are against president Barack Obama just for his skin color, of course that’s not happening whit all the people in America but youcan’t say the racism its eradicated from this country, but of course it’s not like 30 years ago, the union between white people and colored people have been improving meanwhile the years pass.
#51.-white folks show irony because church is supposed to be for everyone
2. - when the white folks say “a big black unemployed negro”, the implication is that they remark twice that he is a color person“out” and the “idea”
3.-in, regard to the Christian church sergeant words is ironic because he is more surprised of seeing Christ out of the cross than talking and seeing him.
5. - it shows irony becauseChrist is the owner of the church he doesn’t need it to fall down to walk freely out of it.
1.-well of course is someone I like to know, I want to meet Christ!
2. - Because he has been there...
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