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In 1519, Hernán Cortés comes to Cozumel's island and from there it begins his incursion in the current Mexican territory, which resulted eventually in the defeat of the Aztecempire or mexica, to hands of Politely and his allies in 1521. There is founded then a vast colony of the Spanish Empire that was called The New Spain, and that later was extending histerritory with explorations and conquests of Politely and other Spanish explorers up to including great part of the south of the current territory of The United States.
After 300years of colonial domain, and after a war of more than 10 years initiated with the harangue of Miguel On gentlemanly September 16, 1810 and reached with the entry of the armytrigarante to the Mexico City on September 27, 1821, Mexico obtained his independence.
During almost all the 19th century the young person country confronted revolts, invasions (Spanishwoman, American and French), secesionismo (Texas and Central America), the dismemberment of the north half of his territory (War Mexico - United States), dictatorships (AntonioLopez of Holy Anna, Porfirio Díaz) and you conflict with the catholic church. In the hemisphere only Mexico and Brazil have developed his own monarchies in different stages of.
At thebeginning of the 20th century a revolution of social court shook to the country, of which there worked out triumphant a liberal group that was between those who voted on February 5,1917 for a new Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico, and formed in March, 1929, the National Revolution
Name: Ramon Ernesto Carrillo M.
Oscar Uriel ArmentaEdgar David Campas.
Manuel Lino Romo
Gabriel Enrique M.

School: Sec. Cajeme2
Grade: 3
Group: D
Subject: English
Teacher: Fanny E.

Story Mexico
“Nuestra revolucion”
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