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University of Florida

Course Requirements
All applicants to the professional curriculum must achieve a minimum of 80 semester hours of college-level course work, exclusive of courses in physicaleducation and military training.
The following list contains courses offered at the University of Florida which fulfill pre-professional requirements for admission to the College of VeterinaryMedicine. Courses taken at other accredited institutions should have the same content as these courses in order to be considered equivalent.
Some of the introductory pre-professional courses may be takenat any college. However, all upper-division pre-requisite courses (3000+ level courses such as microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, etc.) must be taken at a four-year institution.
No major is givenpreference in the admissions process.
Biology -- Minimum of 15 semester credits including two semesters of Biology or Zoology (lecture and laboratory), 1 semester of Genetics, and one semester ofMicrobiology (lecture and laboratory).
• Biology Core
BSC 2010 & 2010L - Principles of Biology I – 4 credits
BSC 2011 & 2011L - Principles of Biology II – 4 credits
• Microbiology
MCB 3020 & 3020L- Basic Biology of Microorganisms – 4 credits, or
MCB 3023 & 3023L - Principles of Microbiology – 5 credits (restricted to microbiology majors)

• Genetics
AGR 3303 – Genetics – 3 credits-OR- PCB 3063 – Genetics – 4 credits -OR- ANS 3384 - Genetic Improvement of Farm Animals – 3 credits
Chemistry -- Minimum of 18 semester credits including two semesters of Inorganic Chemistry (lectureand laboratory), two semesters of Organic Chemistry (lecture and laboratory), and one semester of Biochemistry.
• Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 2045,2045L,2046 & 2046L - Gen Chemistry I and II – 8 credits• Organic Chemistry
CHM 2210,2211 & 2211L - Organic Chemistry I,II and Laboratories – 8 credits
CHM 3217,3218 & 2211L - Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry I, II, and Laboratory – 10 Credits...
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