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Dear Jack,
How are you? I'm fine. I am writing to you in English. It's good for me to practice!
I am studying English in an academy. This ismy first year. In my class there are 15 people. They are all from different countries: France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
My teacher is English, her name is SandraSmith. I think she is from London, but I'm not sure. She is tall, has got blue eyes and blonde hair. She is a good teacher.
I live in a small house in the north ofLondon. My house has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a bathroom and a small garden. The garden is beautiful. It has lots of small trees and a littlepond.
I am living with two other girls. They are French. Jean is twenty-five years old and Ludvine is twenty-seven years old. They are very friendly but they speakFrench a lot.
During the week I get up every day at 07:00 and I catch the train to London. The journey takes 45 minutes. My classes start at 09:00. I have 5 hours ofEnglish a day. I usually arrive home at 18:00. When I get home I do my homework, prepare my dinner and watch television. English television is very good. I normally goto bed at 23:00.
At the weekends I go to London. London is very big and beautiful, but very expensive.
Write to me soon.


1- What is Boris studying?

2- How many students are there in her classroom?

3- What is her teacher’s name?4- Where does Boris live?

5- Who is living with her?

6- What does she do when she gets home?

7- When does she go to London?
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