Tecnologias de la información en méco

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Information technologies in Mexico

Business dedicated to information technologies in Mexico are growing rapidly because the innovation hasbecome an important factor in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Almost the 95 percent of the enterprises in Mexico are SME and they lack of the basic technology every company should have and theydo not have the ability to investigate or to invest time and money to develop new technology or new methods of work inside the company. So what should a SME should to survive?, Should they look for anew market or they should invest in their internal development? In this essay we will discuss the role of the information technologies´ companies in Mexico and the role of the SME inside this area.In a country were SME have a big percentage of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and the government intent to support them with cheap loans so they can grow and survive, technology become an importantfactor for having a competitive advantage, were the investment of the SME should be to upgrade their infrastructure and to improve they daily work. If a small company reduce the time or the cost ofprocessing a work order, they can reduce their price and become more competitive, if they become more competitive they can own a bigger market and upgrade their sales, and if they can upgrade theirsales and they already reduce their cost in the operation, their profit will be higher than before.
If it was as easy as it sounds, why they are not doing it? The first reason is because they don´tknow it, a small businessman only know about his job and he doesn´t know about the technology they need, they use the Microsoft Office tools they have in their computers and the do a decent job. Thesecond reason is because they don´t see the benefits of information technologies, maybe a small businessman knows about ERP and Business Intelligence (BI), but they don´t know how it would work in his...
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