Tecnologias en las carreras de informatica

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Create a new document and save it as Careers in Technology.doc. Start by listing three possible careers or positions in the IT field that you want to learn more about.1- Information System Manager

2- Database Administrator

3- Computer System Analyst

Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to find more information about each of thepositions. Be sure to include the following:
o Position (Job Title)
o URL where you found the information
o Responsibilities of the position
o Salary
oQualifications for the position
o Education level or Certification
o Positions (job titles and location) available in your area
1- Job title: Information system manager

2-URL where you found the information: http://education.yahoo.net/degrees/articles/technology_top_10_tech_careers.html

3- Responsibilities of the position: Information systems managers areresponsible for the implementation of technology within an organization and direct the work of systems business analysts, computer programmers and other computer related workers.

4- Salary: An averageover $92,000 per year.

5- Qualifications for the position:  Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or five years experience in information systems and analysis.

6-Education level or Certification: Certificate in Information Systems Management.

7- Positions available in your area: information technology management, IT service management and data mining on acorporation.

1- Job Title: Database Administrator.

2- URL where you found the information: http://education.yahoo.net/degrees/articles/technology_top_10_tech_careers.html

3-Responsibilities of the position: Is the responsible of the security and the accessibility of information for employees and customers. They are also responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and...
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