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• Read through the letter below. Find and correct the 15 mistakes Paul made.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I writing to ask if I can pick apples for you this season. My cousin Raymond has worked foryou last year and enjoyed himself. Also, I will want to improve my English as I think of studying abroad.

I am twenty and coming from the west of France; I have belonged to a family of Frenchfarmers. We are owning a farm and producing cheese and yoghurt.

I been studying at agricultural college for three years and I have loved working outside. Before that I were at school. I’mhoping you don’t think that I am be ‘pushy’, but I would like to work on your farm. Of course I understand if you didn’t need anyone this year.

Kindest regards,

Paul Harrington

•Complete the letter below by changing the verbs in brackets into an appropriate form using present simple/continuous; past simple/continuous; present perfect simple/continuous or future.

Just wanted to share with you my good news. Remember last winter I 1 _____________ (tell) you my plans about running my own business? Well, I 2 _____________ (save) enough money from mypart-time job and, at last, I 3 _____________ (open) a flower shop. My father 4 _____________ (own) a shop years ago, and he 5 _____________ (give) me some advice and suggestions. He 6_______________ (think) that my shop 7_________________ (be) a success, because there 8 _____________ (not-be) another flower shop in the area.

The shop isn’t ready yet. My brother 9_________________________ (already-paint) the inside of the shop, and tomorrow he 10 _______________ (paint) the outside. I 11 _______________ (need) to buy a new sign. My mother 12 _______________ (want) me tocall the shop “Rose”, but I 13 _______________ (still-think) about it. Anyway, I just 14 _______________ (hope) the local people 15 _______________ (like) it. I 16 ______________ (start)...
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