Terrorismo en el siglo xx

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Maricela Morales Garcia
United States History
Opinion Paper #2


In recent decades society has been the victim of one of the worst scourges: terrorism, a fact which isexpressive of violence that can be seen throughout the history (conquests, wars) with its more varied forms of expression and cruelty. Terrorism is true both domestically and globally, and in a way opento all acts of violence, degrading and intimidating, and applied without any moral reservation or concern. It is, therefore, an isolated practice, recent or disorganized but not structured.

Thepurposes sought by this form of "war" may be unconventional for political, religious, cultural and smooth simply the seizure of power from a median totally illicit. For these reasons, the world isshaken daily with news of attacks produced in public, where innocent people are killed and completely unrelated to this "war" or interests.

This phenomenon is one of the forms of violence more difficultto contain because its scope extends beyond the conflict regions. This phenomenon is characterized by its indiscriminate violence involving victims who have nothing to do with the conflict caused theterrorist act., its impermissibility acts by surprise by creating uncertainty, instilling terror and paralyzing the action, its immorality, causes unnecessary suffering, hitting the most vulnerable,being indirect, the target instrument is used to attract attention and to coerce a target audience or primary, through the multiplier effect of mass media. A terrorist acts should be answered by legalrules that provide for their prevention and punishment.

Among the instruments used to implement such a mechanism, or terrorist acts, including various forms of physical violence against persons,such as kidnapping, torture or extrajudicial execution, various forms of moral violence, the threat of the previous or peer pressure and various forms of violence against private and public property,...
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