Tesis Sobre Calentamiento Global

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Nowadays, television has become one of the first entertainments for both children and adults. It is the reason why there is even a TV in every home. Some peopleprefer to be sitting watching the television to go to the cinema to watch a movie because they feel more comfortable at home. Television causes many positive and negative effects on each personand especially in children.

First, the negative effects of television are many as uncommitted to the children to fight and sometimes they learn things that they should not because ofsex programs. Also, show so much violence and children become more aggressive and ignore what their parents tell them. Television can remove children from their families too by being in frontof it all the time without calling attention to their homework and cause nightmares and do not let them rest too. Spending too much time watching television affects adults because theyfail to do their chores such as exercises, reading,etc and are getting fatter because they are all the time sitting or in beds eating something.
Second, The harmful effects of television aredetermined by the misuse of it is given. However, television can be used as educational. There are programs with high educational content and useful as contests, documentaries, programsthat help develop skills or transmit positive values, etc. It causes other effects too such as led children to develop the aesthetic taste and affection. It helps to use more appropriatelanguage as well as encourages dialogue and Make them the most imaginative child. Adults are more informed about the things that happen through the world.

Finally, We need to teach childrennot to be "watching television" but watch TV. help him develop the selectivity and discrimination, which will enable them to see what suits them.

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