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There are people of different ages, ways of thinking and knowledge among a host of other characteristics but that should not be a barrier to establishing a good relationship between co- workers, as through it is, that you can success, progress and sustainability of a company so this time the guide of jobs section invites you to discover the important role played by fourgenerations in the work and their culture. The study to determine the four generations was based on a birthday of individuals per generation in order to determine some specific characteristics of this.
1. Traditionalist: Are the people that born before the seventies.
* FIFTIES YEARS: In this period in the artistic side the most prominent were the following people:
* Elvis Presley: He standout in the genre of rock and roll, he was the beginning of fashion at the time and also was the greatest exponent of the genre.
* Jerry Lee Lewis: is a pianist and singer, a pioneer of rock and roll.
* Charles Edward Berry: better known as Chuck Berry, is one of the most influential composers, singers and guitarists in rock and roll in history.
The regarding the fad of the fifties womenhad short hair and wore formal dresses.
A representative of this trend was Marilyn Monroe.
* SIXTIES YEARS: in this period was characterized by the formation of The Beatles in 1960 made ​​by Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. Besides scientific breakthroughs as the first man on the moon by Armstrong and Aldrin.
This period also had born the counterculture of thehippies in the U.S. being a pacifist group.
In fashion suits are used primarily made ​​of leather and women wore long boots made ​​of leather also.
* SEVENTIES YEARS: The famous artists of the time were among the most prominent Elton John is a singer, songwriter and pianist British pop, rock, glam rock and piano rock, and other artist known for the genre of reggae is Bob Marley. Among the mostprominent music groups are formed by Brian May Queen,
Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon whose genre was rock, another group is ABBA, made ​​up of Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog whose genre is pop.

2. BABY BOOMERS: The people that born between the forty-eight’s and the sixty four´s, this generation emerged in the United States mainlybecause there were many people that like the business. They were expanded to the rest of the world, these people are what we called “work alcoholics”, who are looking mainly for monetary reward nowadays, quality and style life, so they work hard to progress.
3. GENERATION “X”: These who were born before eighty nine, this people who want to design and sell their image as a successful professional.* EIGHTIES YEARS: most representative singers of this period were Michael Jackson with Thriller and artists like Van Halen and Jon Bon Jovi with his success Living on a prayer.
Women wore high heels and wore bracelets quantities. Hairstyles abounded in curls and bangs, the makeup was overdone. They wore jeans.

With respect to technology are characterized by scientific as using publictelephones are new card, and also invented the Nintendo creating walkmans as also occurred mainly consoles.
There was the murder of John Lennon and Indira Gandhi female ruler.
* NINETIES YEARS: The main bands of this period were Nirvana with Kurt Cobain and suicide that same time, another band was the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.
This needs to become casual had to do with the need toexpress our individuality. After many years of trends and fashions, people concluded that they were not expressing freely. 1990 fashion wear is what you feel comfortable with, without giving much importance to the opinion of others or trends. Casual clothes thus became the fashion of the 90s, and though it sounds ironic, if you were using produces much or much makeup, you were out of fashion....
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