The base of life

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Natalia Ramos September 17, 2008
The base of life
Literacy is known as the human quality of being able to read, write, listenand speak in order to understand and communicate ideas with others in our society. One achieves literacy through education; this helps us set our minds on what to do in life what one wants to become inlife. Having an education is part of being able to communicate with those who surround us. The understanding of a language, knowing how to write, gives us the ability to have more power to communicatewith others have a certain advantage among other members of the society. This way one can communicate and talk through ones point of view on what one agrees or disagrees. In our daily lives one musthave the ability to understand different situations and different levels including personal and social, even if you are in a meeting and you don’t agree with the other’s points of view. Theinteraction with others to get your message across is reliable on the level of literacy that one has accomplished. Literacy involves a continuous learning process, it helps the human being achieve their goalsand to develop common and intellectual knowledge to interact in the society.
Literacy is a very significant social problem in present day in America as it is in the entire world. People stillhave problems in finding a good educational base in order to make their way through life. It has been said that literacy has become an immense social problem due to the many undeveloped countries inwhich people do not have the resources to pay for a good education. Even though many countries offer economic help and provide government paid public schooling for people with limited resources, literacylevels have been associated to the country’s level of wealth. But if people are not motivated to learn and have goals in life, all the government help is pointless. On the other hand, people who do...
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