The body by stephen king

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Essay “The Body” by Stephen King

Well I'm going to start talking about this book called "The Body" by Stephen King that begins in a small town called Castle Rock in Maine where a young man wherehe disappears out of nowhere a young man named Ray Brower that where after accidentally hears talk that Verne his brother on the body of this young and this is how Vern tells her group of friendsabout what happened to Ray, thus originating the little adventure with the search for the body of Ray.
Well I'll talk about friendship as this document can be identified very clearly because the bonynarrator Gordie has a great friendship with her best friend Chris of the three, as the two go through a tough stage with his family since Gordie is very distant with his parents as he has recently thathis older brother Dennis died in a traffic accident at a military base and that Gordie has problems with his parents because his dad beats him often because of problems with the alcohol.
Also onthis story so you could say if there is a great friendship between the four members since the four are always based on the decisions they had to take while the work was passing.
While also at theend where after all the adventures they had as the worms or other the friendship of these children was very clear when they find the body and realize that if indeed it appears Ray's gang and when AceMerrill of coming up to Chris this Gordie not left alone and grabs the gun and shoot into the sky and this is how this is to warn Ace to withdraw and not touch it but Chris swore he would shoot him.This story was very nice but almost no attention in class but because it was very good but if it was very sad because it relates to the death of someone but it was very interesting and controversial.Although I would have liked better than not related death or blood of someone doing it for so little more familiar nose, and as a teacher I hope you like my essay give although it later but I hope...
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