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The boy of the bus
I was sat in the school bus, of way to house. Everything was like always, we might say. I was the same, had the same eyes, the same hair; I was dressing the same uniform of every day, and my school portfolio was resting on my knees since like of custom. Everything was equal, less a thing, and because of it nothing was the same thing.
The seat to my side was empty, and theperson who used to sit down in it, to another side of the corridor, with the sight fixed in the window.
Roxas was called, and was going to the same institute that I, even to the same class. He had come sat down to my side … up to even today. With upset expression, I turned myself towards the window, observing the exterior. Nevertheless, the blurry prompt landscape disappeared of my mind when I noticedthat one could see Roxas's face perfectly reflected in the crystal. I was feeling badly. “But, after everything “I thought “Probably it is my fault. How I could manage to think that a boy as him might … fall in love of my?”
The truth was that had been stupid.
I had to say to Roxas, since I was feeling; Nevertheless, I was not so sure. . What happened… if he rejected to me? Or, How I was goingto do it?
I could not meet Roxas... I would escape of him... And I did it. In all that the bell sounded, I gathered my things and went out running, doing everything not to run up with anybody. When finally I sighted the stop of the bus, I hurried, approaching it faster that I could, without at least to look for where I was going. Probably, for this reason, I hit with someone. I raised the look,murmuring a rapid excuse … and I was surprised so much that practically I fell backward.
-Naminé! - exclaimed Roxas, agreeing myself with rapidity to prevent I from falling down to the floor.
I did not answer anything; I was too much scared and nervous. With the hands strongly grasped to the portfolio.
- You are Ok? - The boy asked, looking at me with worry.
- I have that … to say something to you -I whispered, raising the eyes to fix them in theirs. After everything, he deserved to know it; Roxas smile a bit, giving to understanding that he was listening to me.
- I … ehm … you … - I sighed, red as the seeding - I like you. From always; from the same moment in which you … you sat to my side in the bus-
I ready it was; I had said it, had to do it. Because it was a question of Roxas.Nevertheless, on having seen the expression of his face, I repented.
- I … - began to whisper, without finding the suitable words .
Roxas separated the look. And I could not do another thing that to go out running, without mattering for me to where.
Returning to sigh, I looked at the boy out of the corner of the eye, trying to find the remedy for my words of the previous day. “After everything, I havecommitted a mistake”
I had to arrange it, like out. Returning to look at Roxas … I got up, bringing over to touch the button of "next Stop” that was close to his seat. Little by little, the bus was stopped, being I the only person who was expecting to go down. And, when, to the end, the doors were opened, I inclined towards Roxas, treating with that my voice was not trembling on having spoken.-Roxas, Forget it of yesterday ¿ you want? - I whispered, smiling, a sad smile - Indeed, I'm sorry so much.
I could see that Roxas was raising the look, surprised, but I did not give to him importance. With a gesture of greeting, I turned and left of the bus. I doubled the corner and as soon as I stayed out of the field of vision of the people of the bus, I began to run. Finally, I stopped restingagainst a wall and closing the eyes. I was feeling badly, sad, distressed; but especially alone. Roxas I liked much, too much. Whenever I saw it he was feeling special warmth that was making want to smile. He was filling the emptiness in my interior. And I had lost it for not conforming to his friendship.
- I am stupid - I whispered, opening the eyes - I do not know about what I have been thi…-...
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