The boys

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The boy who the first thing we notice about him are his eyebrows.The boy who can wear plaid and a fedora and we think he looks so cute ‘dressed up’.The boy whos tweets entertain us.The boy whosacoustic covers sends chills gown our spines.The boy who makes the craziest facial expressions,yet we find them adorable.The boy who people may think is a bad influence,yet we say he’s just human.The boywho comes off as shy at first,but still lets us know how thankful he is for us.The boy who claims he can’t dance,but we say otherwise.The boy who we love to see smile cause we just love thosedimples.The boy with the beautiful green eyes.The boy with the contagious laugh.The boy who teaches us to never give up,no matter what stands in our way.
These are the boys.The boy with the pretty looks.Theboy whos narcissistic on screen,but in real life is so sweet.The boy who is so hilarious during interviews.The boy with the smile that can melt anyones heart.The boy with that voice.The boy who takestime out of his busy day to tweet his fans.The boy with the nice hair.The boy whos not afraid to show his flaws,which makes him beautiful in our eyes.The boy who we love,no matter what his beliefsare.The boy who teaches us to go after what ever we love.
These are the boys.The boy with the adorable crooked smile.The boy who can rap.The boy who “likes to live life on the edge.”The boy who dancesawkwardly,but we wouldn’t like it any other way.The boy who thinks he’s black.The boy who can melt any girls heart.The boy with the adorable eyes.The boy who we like to call Logie.The boy who you don’texpect to have such an amazing voice.The boy with those arms.The boy who stops to talk to you at a signing,no matter how busy it is.The boy who teaches us to not be afraid to take a risk.
These arethe boys.The boy with an innocent smile.The boy whos cheeks we’d love to pinch.The boy who is so sweet to us.The boy with the smoothest moves.The boy whos known as the ‘mom’ in the group.The boy that...
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