The dead of jerico

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1 Who said this in the story ...? Inspector Morse, Anne Scott, Edward Murdoch, Charles Richards, Celia Richards.
a ‘I was silly enough to marry when I was nineteen ...’ ...............Anne Scottb ‘What you’re doing is blackmail. But I believe what you said in your letter and so I’m going to pay you one quarter of what you asked for.’ ............... Charles Richards
c ‘My dear husbanddidn’t want his normal secretary ... to know about the police coming here, so he asked me to be his secretary for today.’ ............... Celia Richards
d ‘I’m disappointed in you Lewis. If you’reever going to be a good detective, you’ll have to realise that it’s these tiny details that solve cases in the end.’ ............... Morse
e ‘We wrote the letter together and sent it. But the nextday Michael was taken into hospital, and I felt frightened of what we’d done.’ ............... Edward
20 marks

2 Put the following events from the story in the right order. Number them 1–5.
aMorse discovered that Conrad Richards was pretending to be his brother, Charles.5
b Anne Scott killed herself.2
c Morse took over the case from Inspector Bell.3
d Morse met AnneScott at a party.1
e George Jackson was murdered.4
10 marks

3 Complete the following sentences with information from the story.
a When Morse met Anne Scott at the party ... Morse andAnne fell in love

b The front door was open and no one seemed to be at home when ...

c Although the blackmail letter had spelling mistakes ...

d Morse was arrested by a policeman when ...e Edward went to Anne Scott’s house every week because ...

30 marks

4 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
a Morse went to see Anne Scott a few days after he had met her atthe party.
b Morse was interested in literature.
c Anne Scott had curtains in her bedroom.
d Celia and Charles Richards were happily married.
e Anne Scott used to work for...
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