The eat well plate

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The Eatwell Plate is a guide to provide dietary guidance and to ease the understanding of what to choose to eat properly.
Its main purpose is to serve as visual aid in dietaryguidance activities in which it’s necessary and useful to illustrate the grouping of foods. This plate is adapted to the variety and style of Mexican food as well as in the United States there is “ThePyramid”, in Mexico we have the Eatwell Plate.
Due to the health statics in our country show a growing tendency to develop problems of malnutrition like overweight and obesity at all stages of life ofmany people, different private and public institutions dedicated to promote health, met at a committee to discuss and propose a consensus on national dietary guidance.

As a result of the work done bythis committee, they released a project (Proyecto de Norma Oficial Mexicana PROY NOM-SSA2-043-1999), which describes the issues to consider while nourishing and nutritional information is provided tothe Mexican population.

The “Eatwell Plate “ is a graphic representation of the groups of nourishments that works like a guide. This means that its target it’s giverecommendations to achieve a good nourishment.
One of the main recommended message is that in each food, we have to include at least one nourishment of each one of the three groups and from one food toanother, change the food used in each group. It suggest to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, enough cereals, few animal nourishment and the combination of cereals and leguminous plants.
The Plateavoids to give recommendations of quantities, since the nutrimental requirements differ in a very remarkable way because of the age, size, sex and physical activity (growing, pregnancy) thereforequantities are not recommended.

Nourishment distribution in three groups
Vegetables and fruits: Provide vitamins, minerals and bran, and also color and texture to the diet. Examples for this group are:...
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