The iliad

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Main characters:

Achilles: This is probably the most important character; the whole story goes around his anger

Agamemnon: He was the king of the Achaeans

Patroclus: He was Achilles dearest friend, and the cause of Achilles revenge

Odysseus: He is an Achaean warrior, he is really clever

The Myrmidons: Achilles’ warriors

Calches: He is an Achaean who’s in contact with the Gods,the interprets signs

Menelaos: He is Helen’s legit husband; he is the King of Sparta

Hector: He is a Trojan prince, Priam’s son

Priam: king of Troy

Paris: He is another Trojan prince, Hector’s brother, and the one who stole Helen from Menelaos

Helen: she was the most beautiful woman on Earth and escaped with Paris, leaving her husband the King of Sparta

Bryseis: Achilles’ warprize, she is taken by Agamemnon

Chryseis: Chryses’s daughter; she is taken as a war prize for Agamemnon

Chryses: He is Apollo’s priest and Chryseis’s father

Zeus: The main God, he is neutral in the conflict and tries to keep the others Gods from participating. At the beginning he takes Troy’s side because Thetis (Aquilles’s mother) begs him to do so to please her son.

Hera: She is Zeus’swife and takes the Achaean’s side

Athena: She is the Goddess of wisdom, and supports the Achaean’s

Apollo: he is Zeus’s son, and takes the Trojan side

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty, she is with the Trojans

Poseidon: God of the sea, he supports the Achaeans

The Iliad

The story starts when Chryses, who was a priest of Apollo, demanded his daughter (Chryseis) back, sinceKing Agamemnon took her as a war prize. The King didn’t want to give her back, so Apollo sent a plague to the Achaeans. Achilles, who was the king of myrmidons, tells Agamemnon that he should give the girl back, otherwise their people will keep dying. They start arguing about that, and Agamemnon finishes saying that he would return the girl only if Bryseis; Achilles’ girl, is given to him. Aquillesin revenge decides to quit fighting in the Trojan War and also asks his mother, Thetis, to beg Zeus to favor the Trojan’s until he’s back into fighting. Thetis went to climbed the Olympus and told Zeus what his son wanted.

Zeus then, trying to deceive Agamemnon, sent him a dream telling him to attack the Trojans, and makes him believe that he had the victory in his hands. The king tries toprove his men courage by telling them to return home, and they accepted, at first. Odysseus stops the warriors from leaving war, because he was convinced by Athena to do so. They were hopeful that Zeus would help them, but they didn’t know that he wasn’t going to. The Achaeans prepare to fight.

Trojans and Achaeans prepared to fight, Menelaos and Alexandros saw each other in the battle field, butAlexandros was a coward and he ran away. Hector got made because of Alexandros’ attitude and yelled at him for running away. Alexandros then decides to face Menelaos and fight each other, and they accorded that the one who won would also win the war. Menelaos was about to win, when Aphrodite took Alexandros to his palace. Menelaos was really angry, and kept looking for him, while he was lying inbed with Helen.

Meanwhile, the gods were trying o decide who would win the war. Zeus said that since Alexandros left, the Achaeans should win. This idea wasn’t approved by Hera or Athena, although they supported the Achaeans, they wanted to see more Trojan blood. So Athena made Pandaros throw an arrow to Menelaos and war was continued.

Diomedes, the youngest of the warriors, was givingeverything in the battle. He was encouraged by Athena, who said she would guide his sword. Diomedes hurt Aphrodite. Aphrodite complained in front of Zeus, but he said that she shouldn’t be dealing with these issues. Ares started supporting the Trojans, and they started winning. Both Hera and Athena were not happy of this, so Athena went into battle again, helping Diomedes; who hurt Ares.

The battle...
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