The Nervous System

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|Name: Carolina Arteaga Morales |Registration: 2639443 |
|Course title: Biology II|Teacher’s name: Nydia Gonzalez |
|Module: 3 |Activity: Topic 8 ||Date: 28/02/12 |Team: No team |
|Bibliography: The Journal of Neuroscience, 27 June 2007, 27(26)|
|Journal of Neurochemistry |
|Volume29, Issue 6, pages 999–1005, December 1977 |

Analyze the ions’ role play in the electrical signalsDescribe the function of each brain hemisphere
Understand how does schizophrenia affects the brain

Do research on reliable sources and develop the following aspects:
Investigate the ionsinvolved in the electrical signals of neurons and how they work.
Explain the function of every brain hemisphere.
Investigate what Schizophrenia is and how it is related to the nervous systemalterations.

Neurones send messages electrochemically; this means that chemicals (ions) cause an electrical impulse. Neurones and muscle cells are electrically excitable cells, which mean thatthey can transmit electrical nerve impulses. These impulses are due to events in the cell membrane, so to understand the nerve impulse we need to revise some properties of cell membranes.
TheResting Membrane Potential
When a neurone is not sending a signal, it is at ‘rest’.  The membrane is responsible for the different events that occur in a neurone.  All animal cell membranes contain a...
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