The Old Man And The Sea

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The Marlin and the Old Man
Hemingway uses a lot of motifs to symbolize things beyond wondering. There are lessons that can be taught through out reading the book. In The Old Man and The SeaHemingway uses the marlin to show sportsmanship in Santiago.
When Santiago first feels the pull of the Marlin he hopes Catch him by getting the tuna off the hook into his mouth. This shows how desperateSantiago is to catch the fish. “Santiago feels the pull of the marlin and hopes he eats the fish” (Hemingway 38). Santiago puts a lot of effort in trying to catch the marlin performing competition intrying to catch him. He also hopes he gets him nice and good because the hook wasn’t meant for such of a big fish. In another way Santiago describes the marlin being a surprise is by the marlins nibblingas “delicate pulling” (Momtazi 5).
The old man wonders why such a giant fish would be so gentle and calm eating on the tuna. After he begins to wonder how the marlin looks like and even tries tomake him jump a little to see. These were some ways Santiago sees a bit of a competition to the marlin.
Now, through out the time Santiago spends being with the marlin in the sea he very much refershim as a brother. For that reason he treats him gently on not trying not to hurt him. “Fish I will stay with you until I am dead” (Hemingway 11). He feels that him and the fish are in common because ofbeing in the same situation, both not seeing one another. This also shows Santiago’s kindness to nature by finding love into a fish. As a result of seeing the marlin as his brother and seeing thestars he begins to feel a little sorry for having to kill him. He see’s the marlin as a harmless creature symbolizing competition for the marlin between man versus himself. At this point the marlin isnot only seen as a hard catch but a question.
Although as Santiago seeing the marlin as a friend he s determined to kill it for its own good. He finds encouragement of kill the marlin by imagining...
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