The oval portrait, by edgar allan poe

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Paola Zayas-Bazan Ayala 2/2/2012
Title/author: The Oval Portrait, by Edgar Allan Poe
Characters: (roundor flat, static or dynamic)
Protagonist, Antagonist?
Pedro is a man servant (valet), he is flat and static,and the story does not include many details about this character.
The narrator is a flat character and static. He is used in the story as a bridge to get to the story within the story. There isnothing told that makes him an intricate character.
The artist’s young bride, is described as being beautiful, lovely and full of glee, yet she despises Art and she does have a grudge against it, whichmakes her have both virtues and imperfections; but she remains as submissive and unpleased with the situation all through the story, which makes her the stereotype of any young obedient wife of the era,and, in my opinion, a flat and static character.
The artist, is a round character, all though he is self absorbed with he’s work, he does have a sensitive side. I see that when he decided toportray his young wife, he thought of the most beautiful thing he could ever do, and he saw that capturing his wife in a portrait would be the most majestic tribute he could ever give her. At that momentand all through the process of the painting, were he ended up neglecting his wife and only focusing in his work, he was confusing his passionate obsession with Art with the love he felt for his wife.But he is static, in the story from the beginning it is obvious that he has always chosen Art before his young wife, and it is apparent that he does not notice it.
Art is portrayed as the artist firstbride, fist love, main interest and there for the young woman’s rival. As a character, I believe in the story is flat and static, it’s depicted as evil and in some way addictive, and it remains the...
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