The Power Of Color

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The Power of Colour
in Black and White
How colour can suppor t
and streng then your
t h o u g h t s a nd fe e li n g s

Philippa Ross
Thelma van der Werff

Published by Colour Comfort Ltd and Cherish Wellbeing,
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The Power of Colour in Black and White

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ISBN: 9780908807253
First published 2011 by Colour Comfort Ltd.

-i- Contents
1. What is energy?


2 . Colour Energy: What is it? How do we use it
and what effect does it have?


3. Scientific discoveries that validate the effect of
energy on our health.


4. How energy affects our thinking.


6. The Language of Colour; the Colour Comfort


7. How the Colour Comfort method has
affected others.


8. How touse the Power of Colour for yourself.


The Power of Colour in Black and White

5. What can you do with colour?


About the authors


About the artist


- ii -

1) What is energy?
Energy is active particles of either positively or negatively
charged ‘matter’ that constantly change form due to their
continuous movement and interaction with one another.Everything that exists is ‘matter’ – and that matter is
constantly changing its own matter because of the matter
around it. You are matter. Human matter is continuously
affected by the matter in the environment.
It matters what ‘matter’ is
around the ‘matter’.

High energy vibrates with
more power because it is
light, moves quickly more
often and in a short space
of time.

The Power ofColour in Black and White

It matters what’s in

Low energy vibrates with
less power because it is
heavy, moves slowly less
often and takes longer to

The energetic power of matter is influenced by its ability to
move. The electromagnetic energy field is powered by the
sun. The sun transmits seven types of energy through
electromagnetic waves of radio, micro,infrared, ultraviolet,
visible light, gamma and x-rays that sustain the life cycle of
all living organisms so they can grow and develop. It is our
life force.

T he Power of Colour in Black and White

Low energy through the dark of night to allow us to rest
and high energy during the day to fuel the way we interact
with the world.


2) Colour Energy: What is it? How can
you useit and what effect does it have?
Colour is a form of energy that has the power to
invigorate and sustain growth.
Colour is an element of the electromagnetic energy
field. It is the visible part of the light spectrum that
emits and reflects light. Light is filtered through the
atmosphere and reflected off different surfaces. We
could not see the world without light.
The human eye enablesus to detect and differentiate
between things in your world. Light reflected off of
images enters the eye through the cornea focusing the
rays onto the retina via the lens. The lens converts the
rays into electrical signals and sends them to the visual
cortex part of the brain where it interprets the
contrasting shades and hues that contain red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, indigo and...
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