The Ways We Lie

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The Ways We Lie
The author in “The Ways We Lie”, Stephanie Ericsson introduces the topic of the lies and how people do it everyday and the consequences of those lies. Ericsson explains some typesof lies in this reading. She says that every single person tells a lie and that is normal and common in everyday life. In “The Ways We Lie” Ericsson mention some cases of how she lies daily and how shefeels about it. Is it possible that a “little” lie could harm a person? Stephanie Ericsson is one person who tells lies but she does not feel guilty about it. All the time people tell lies indifferent ways and they do not feel like liars because those lies are not serious.
It is impossible to be one week without lying. All people lie and they don´t realized of that because it normally is a“little” lie. Even when someone says “I was late for the traffic” and the fact is not that at all. Ericsson thinks that she is still being an honest person even when she tell some little lies but she doesnot understand how it makes her different from slick politicians. Sometimes tell a lie is necessarily and it is not wrong all the time. The big problem is when you start harming a person telling alie. “What far-reaching consequences will I, or others, pay as a result of my lie?” (para. 6). She says that tell a lie is always going to have a consequence. A lie is “anything that gives or is meantto give a false impression” (para. 6). In “The Ways We Lie” she mentions many ways to tell a lie.
First, she mentions the “white lie” and Ericsson explain that tell this type of lie “assumes thatthe truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth” (para. 8). In this one she tries to prove that the lie will cause more damage than the truth because a person is going to think thatthe better way to evade de reality is telling a lie. She gives the example of telling a friend that she/he looks great just to make him/her happy. In this situation the truth is that he/she does not...
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