The wine industry

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The wine industry

This file consists of three documents. The first document, Latino stars in winemaking is an article that was published in The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino,it was written by Jorge Ferraez, the second one Hispanic Market New Toast of Wine Industry is an article by Carolyn Jung and the third text, Wines with a Latino touch is an article written by TycheHendricks.
These documents explore the massive growth of Latino Wines over recent years. They analyze a number of factors influencing this trend, firstly the emergence of the Latino market andsecondly, the success of new winemakers in the United States.
Latinos have not traditionally been big wine consumers, but wine is a big part of family culture. According to Latino marketing expert IsabelValdes: "People are making more money, they are getting more sophisticated, and they want to be more mainstream." In 1998, just 12 percent of Latinos reported drinking wine, but by 2003, that figurehad increased to 22 percent. Therefore, Latinos are being viewed by some winemakers as an emerging new market for their products. Vintners are using marketing tools like bilingual wine labels,Spanish-language tours, ads in Latino markets, and sponsorship of cultural events to attract new wine drinkers. Round Hill Vineyards and Cellars of Rutherford, in California, is one of a handful of vintnersaggressively pursuing the Latino market. This company recently hired Spanish speaking people in order to promote their wines to Latino shoppers. The results are impressive; wine stores are having anincrease in sales by Latino consumers.
Latino farm labor has been the backbone of the American wine industry. Now a small but growing number of former pickers are becoming winemakers. The amazingsuccess story of the Cejas Vineyards is an example; they came from Mexico to pursue their dreams in the wine industry. When the Ceja family came to California in 1967, they had nothing. They started the...
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