The World Cup

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Inside Out The World Cup
Fill the gaps by choosing the correct word from those below.

1. The 2006 World Cup _________ is taking _________ in Germany. 2. The World Cup always attractsa very big TV _________. 3. Brazil _________ the World Cup in 2002. 4. A footballer who does not get paid for playing is called an _________. 5. In football, the winning team is the one that_________ more _________. 6. The _________ crowd for a _________ in the World Cup finals was in 1950, when almost 200,000 watched Brazil play Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro. 7. Some good teams were verydisappointed because they did not _________ for the 2006 World Cup – for example Russia, Romania and Uruguay.

goals championship won qualify match audience amateur scores record place

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Inside Out The World Cup
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WORKSHEET BDecide if the following statements about the World Cup are true or false. Then bet a minimum of 10 points up to a maximum of 50 on your choice.
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Argentina is the country that has won the World Cup the most times. The World Cup takes place every four years. A total of sixteen countries play in the World Cup. The World Cuplasts about two weeks. Spain, Holland and the United States have never won the World Cup. The World Cup has never taken place in Africa. The World Cup has a bigger worldwide TV audience than the OlympicGames. European countries have won the World Cup more times than South American countries. Until 1962, only amateur footballers could play in the World Cup. The player who scored the most goals in the2002 World Cup was Ronaldo of Brazil. After this year’s World Cup in Germany, the next competition will take place in China. England has won the World Cup once. In 2006, some countries are playing...
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