Thrird conditional

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Thrird condicional

If + Subject+ Past perfect + would (n`t)/ could(n´t) have + Past participle

Use third conditional to talk about ahypothetical situation in the past.
To indicate possibility, rather than certainly, we can use might have instead of would have.
These unreal past situationhave unreal past results.
Sometimes the hypothetical past situation has a present result.

If I had stayed at work, I wouldn´t have spent timewith jack.
If I had known the test was today, I would have done some revision.
If I´d known it was you on the phone, I would´ve answered it.
Ifyou´d asked me out to dinner, I´d have said “Yes”.
If I hadn´t gone on holiday to Greece, I wouldn´t have met my husband.
If I had Known Mary wasill, I would have sent her flowers.
If there hadn´t been so much traffic on the motorway, I would have got to the meeting on time.
If she had studiedharder, she might haved passed her exams.
If she hadn´t left work early she might have finished the report.
If I had finished my University degree,I would be an architect now.

I would´ve cooked dinner , if I ´d known you were coming.
I wouldn’t have missed the last train, if I had lefthome earlier.
I wouldn´t have felt so tired this morning, if I´d gone to bed earlier.
I would have organized a party for fou, if I´d known you werecoming.
I wouldn´t have spent so much time with my children, if I hadn´t stopped work.

Would you have been happier if you had stayed in England?
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