Tigres de bengala

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Currently, the Bengal tigers are in danger of extinction, like the other subspecies of tigers.
It is also known as Indian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).
It is the second subspecies in size, behindthe Siberian.
Males usually measure about 3 meters long and weighs over 250 kilos. The females are much lighter, not exceeding 160 kilos and rarely exceed 2.6 meters long.
Their lifespan is usuallyabout 20 years.

Tigers are generally solitary animals. Females care for their young s for four years and they taught them the techniques of hunting. The males have a spot where the females leaveto offspring. Their fur is orange with black stripes and under parts pale, almost white.
There is an exception in the coat color of Bengal tigers, white tigers are called in India, as its nameindicates its coat is white with gray stripes. They are really beautiful and unmistakable.

Their diet is varied and includes everything from peacocks, monkeys, wild boars, deer, antelope and buffalo up.Unlike the Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers usually hunt at night, partly to avoid adverse situations with humans.
Usually walk several miles a day to hunt. They always do, lurking in the bushes,crouched until it appears his prey, when they start a race at a speed that can reach 80 miles per hour and culminating with a big jump to overturn it. Depending on the size of their prey, the tiger hasseveral ways to kill her.
If it's large animals, clutching her neck choking. However, if the prey is small, directly breaks the neck of a single movement.

The gestation period in these tigers isusually 105-110 days, with between 1 and 6 pups in each litter.
Most Bengal tigers and one third of the world population of these cats live in India. There is also a large population in Nepal, in thepark Chitawan. There are also copies of the Bengal tiger in Bhutan, Bangladesh deltaic coast and parts of Burma.
The Bengal tiger subspecies is the largest felids and the number of copies is between...
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